The Power Of Culture

The Power Of Culture


The first book from Jeremy Nichols on how to transform your organisation through the one thing that is hard to overlook and difficult to shift.

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CULTURE is the elephant in the room. It’s big and hard to overlook, yet people continue to ignore it. Too many leaders are often not prepared to face it, deal with it or even consider its potential. Imagine the possibilities if you could get your culture to work for you, not against you.

The purpose of this book is to arm you with knowledge about culture – what creates it, what changes it, what defines it and what impact it has. There are predictable pathways that can guide you through your culture transformation. However, there are no easy answers. Transforming something is hard. It requires strength, audacity, commitment, relentless rigour and composure. The Power of Culture is designed to give you confidence to deal with the complexity of culture in the workplace and a pragmatic and practical guide to making the necessary changes stick.