The Power of Culture

How to transform your
organisation through the one
thing that is hard to overlook and difficult to shift.


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Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy has combined his deep experience in consulting with a wide variety of leadership and management roles over his 25 years in the management consulting industry. Being a leader of organisations that have undertaken many different transformations has enabled Jeremy to be a far more effective adviser for his clients, as he understands what it is truly like when you need to lead and manage people through change.

His deep passion is to be a key and valued adviser to many boards, CEOs and executive teams on creating better cultures, building leadership capabilities, aligning teams and shaping strategic stories. His core purpose is ‘creating better futures’ whether that is with organisations, teams or individuals.

Jeremy has an MBA and a Bachelor of Applied Science to complement his real-life experiences.

Jeremy played Australian Rules Football with Melbourne Football Club from 1983 to 86, and was a board member at the Club from 2013 to 18. He has four active teenage and 20-something children and continues to take a keen interest in many sports, Indigenous and community affairs, and art investments.

In 2013, Jeremy Nichols founded Composure a boutique consulting firm with deep expertise in behavioural change. Composure works with leaders to transform their businesses through their people and culture. It gives leaders an advantage by using proven strategies and methodologies that deliver results. The aim is to empower leaders to engage their people, lead change and use the power of culture to advance their organisation.


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